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Copy Internet Explorer settings

Beginning variation 6.0, ie includes an element to export and transfer internet browser configurations. Making use of this function of IE you can save IE configurations and soon after restore them. This feature may come handy when you format your computer or laptop and after re-installing Microsoft windows, you want your IE Favorites right back. You can even transfer the settings to a new computer system.

Export IE Settings

Start web browser and choose File → Import and Export. This could start Import and Export Wizard. If you should be not able to start to see the File menu, you can press the Alt key on your own keyboard to carry it.

In the Import and Export Wizard you're provided three options – (1)Import from another web browser, (2)Import from a file and (3)Export to a file. These options are explained below :

  1. Import from another internet browser

    This option enables you to transfer various options like favorites and feeds from another recognized browser. Interestingly, IE appears to identify just Firefox.

  2. Import from a file

    This choice lets you import different configurations from a file. This file is a type of file you produce once you pick the 3rd choice. You can easily transfer favorites, feeds and snacks from such an file.

    After making the option of Import from a file mouse click Following. Select what you would like to transfer with this file – favorites, feeds or snacks. You can easily choose one or them all; simply click Next when chosen. Then browse when it comes to file(s)(one file for snacks, one for favorites and something for feeds) where you are likely to import the options and click Next. It's going to ask you to answer place of favorites, many people would follow on Next. Finally click Import and Finish and you are clearly done.

  3. Export to a file

    This method allows you to export IE options to a file. You may be because of the choice of exporting preferences, feeds and cookies. You can later on make use of this file to transfer settings back to IE on the same computer system or some other computer.

    After making the selection of Export to a file click Next. Pick what you need to import using this file – preferences, feeds or cookies. You'll select one or them all; click After that when selected. After that browse for area of file(s)(one apply for snacks, one for preferences and something for feeds) to which you will export the configurations and then click Next. It'll ask you location of favorites, people would just click Next. Finally click Export and Finish and you are clearly done.

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