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Google's Android os phones are very good for playing music and examining your calendar—provided you may get your songs and schedule onto the mobile phones originally. Whenever T-Mobile announced it would partner with doubleTwist Corp. to incorporate the doubleTwist syncing client with a few of the Android phones, they highlighted an issue with all the Motorola Droid, Google Nexus One, and their particular ilk: they don't have official syncing software like Apple's iTunes.

Some Android phones have actually their solutions, but vanilla Android os doesn't provide a great deal out of the field. For instance, the Motorola Devour and HTC Hero provide some syncing options the standard Android build does not. But while they give you some syncing solutions, not everything is covered. Since Android is fragmented into a few versions and designs, we've created guidelines and solutions that will work with most Android os products.

Starting Out

If you should be simply getting to grips with your Android os phone, you're going to be forced to set-up a Google Gmail account. Utilize it; don't neglect it. It might seem somewhat unreasonable to need to make use of a brand new email target merely to make use of your phone, but trust us—it's easier compared to other options. First up, open up a Gmail account and sync all you can with-it. You need to sync your associates, your calendar, and other things you'll to your brand new account. Bing's flurry of services—Maps, Buzz, YouTube, and more—all connect seamlessly with Android os's interface, so using them all with just one account from your own phone makes your Android os experience a great deal richer.


For syncing songs, video clips, and photographs to your Android os phone, doubleTwist can be your most suitable choice. doubleTwist imports iTunes playlists and immediately reformats almost any style of non-DRMed news into the correct format for your phone. The program is somewhat bland, nonetheless it allows you to place your media in your smartphone. Read the doubleTwist analysis to learn more about syncing your news, but remember that iTunes-purchased movies wont sync towards phone (it's that pesky DRM.)

Obviously, you may want to pull and drop files onto a microSD card. But dragging and losing data won't allow you to maintain your playlists or allow you to convert video clip data. doubleTwist will allow you to with both of those.

In the event that you really want to accept Android, you have to embrace Gmail. The Android os Gmail customer is actually much more feature-rich than any various other email option. If you are perhaps not planning to use Gmail as the personal e-mail, you will need to by hand put up your email using POP3, IMAP, or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, which is supported by all Android os mobile phones. Choose the general Email symbol from application selection display screen and feedback your details truth be told there.


After you've setup a Bing account, you can easily import your connections. Access your connections by tapping Android's connections icon. For your contacts into the Google account, you need to export all of them from your existing pc software as a CSV file. You could transfer your connections from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail by exporting all of them to a CSV file. In Yahoo, including, mouse click connections, after that Tools, after that Export, and choose the Yahoo CSV option. To import the CSV file, available Gmail on your PC (not your phone!), click on the connections tab on the left-hand side, then click on the import option. Select the CSV file in Google from anywhere you stashed the CSV file on your PC.


All Android phones support Google Calendar, Bing's online calendar program. Numerous also help Microsoft Exchange calendars. If you are using yet another schedule program, you will need to sync it up to a Google diary to see it on your own phone.

Syncing from Microsoft Outlook

Google provides the official app that can sync your Outlook diary towards Bing Calendar and vice versa. But when you yourself have a version of Outlook more than 2003, then your most readily useful you can do is export schedule what to a CSV file and import them to your schedule manually. To get this done, choose the File tab in Outlook and click "Import and Export." Select "Export to a file", pick Comma Separated standards (CSV), and choose the diary you wish to export. After that, get into Bing Calendar, click the options loss, simply click Import Calendar, and select the CSV file you exported early in the day.

Syncing from iCal and Mozilla Sunbird

Bing provides easy-to-follow guidelines if you prefer your Bing Calendar to sync with Apple's iCal or Mozilla Sunbird.

Syncing from Microsoft Entourage

Recent versions of Entourage permit you to sync your diary with iCal, not right with Bing Calendar. Visit Sync solutions using your choices in Entourage and choose "Sync to iCal." Once you do that, follow the iCal to Bing Calendar guidelines.

Notes and Tasks

Currently, there appears to be no chance to sync records or Tasks from Outlook and Entourage to Bing. 3rd party computer software organization Mark/Space promises that their particular Missing Sync for Android os will add Notes syncing in another launch. If you know of a workable solution or a course that effectively manages this, please add it in the opinions below.

"Everything" Solutions

Software like Mark/Space's The Missing Sync for Android and CompanionLink for Bing will allow you to sync a lot of data…for an amount. Both are priced at $39.95 and will sync much of your tips. However, we'd suggest trying all the free solutions above before investing $40 on something.

Best Syncing Software and Our Favorite Android Phones for every Carrier

doubleTwist 2.6
Totally Free
doubleTwist is as close as you're going to arrive at iTunes for Android mobile phones; it collects all of your media within one spot and lets you sync it effortlessly towards product.

Motorola Droid (Verizon Wireless)
The Droid is still our favorite Android os phone in general, by way of its quick processor and razor-sharp 854-by-480 display, that may show the entire width of desktop computer Web pages.

Motorola CLIQ (T-Mobile)
Motorola's MotoBlur interface and a solid keyboard combine to make the CLIQ a fantastic phone for social network fans.

HTC Hero (Sprint)
HTC's "feeling" UI overlay places a lot of information close at hand, and helps make the Hero an abnormally user-friendly Android phone.

Motorola Backflip (AT&T)
The Motorola Backflip may be the first Android unit for AT&T and it has among the worst phone designs we've ever seen. We know Motorola, AT&T, and Google can all do a lot better than this.

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