Cloud-Based Bookmarks

Cloud-Based bookmarks

context menuOften, while we look at internet, we encounter pages that we wish to bookmark, but simultaneously, we don’t would like them to exhibit up into the bookmark bar or folders due to privacy concerns. LockMyFavs is a Chrome extension that lets you effortlessly include and manage bookmarks that nobody must see or understand, using best part being the fact that the bookmarks don’t get stored in your personal computer, but in the cloud. This implies you have access to these personal bookmarks on any device. It offers fast one-click bookmarking through the right-click context selection, and lets you arrange your favorites to see them later when you have time. What you need to do is right-click a webpage and add it towards pop-up number, or by hand include the page by entering a URL and Alias. When you’ve saved the webpages, click the mix at the end of the pop up to log aside.

If you’re revealing a pc and would like to bookmark content, without permitting others see it, click the key when you look at the toolbar and choose the combine fav choice, or simply just click the enhance LockMyFavs option in the right-click context selection.

The internet site will instantly be conserved in pop-up in Library tab, and you'll be capable get access to it later on. Moreover, you can delete your conserved pages by pressing the mix that seems over a link when you hover your mouse over it.

The Preferences enable you to replace the email and password for the account. Whenever you’re done viewing the bookmarks, click on the cross at the end associated with the pop-up to log aside.

LockMyFavs is an easy-to-use expansion that allows you to see the internet with privacy, permitting you to save yourself web pages in your own listing that other people can't accessibility. The extension is ideal for conserving content that you would like maintain secure from prying eyes. It offers quicker access and management, and can be grabbed from the website link supplied below.

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