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Enable Chrome sync

Okay, so just a couple moments ago we remarked that Xmarks today syncs bookmarks with Chrome—albeit in closed alpha test. Today Bing declares that the latest Chrome dev channel release——adds bookmark synchronisation without the accessories.

It is interesting timing, to be certain, and we also'd imagine the Xmarks folks were probably watching the dev channel and chose to hurry the announcement to conquer Google towards the punch. Truth be told, Xmarks nonetheless provides anything fairly unlike exactly what Bing's sync device will offer: namely, Xmarks can sync between Chrome and any various other popular internet browser, including Firefox, IE, and Safari.

Chrome's sync device will only utilize Chrome, which means when you yourself haven't determined you are prepared to be a full-on Chrome adopter, Xmarks will remain the better choice. Nevertheless, it really is great to see development all-around with bookmark syncing in Chrome.

You'll need to use the Google Chrome Channel Chooser to participate the Dev station for this release, begin Chrome because of the -enable-sync banner (right-click your Chrome shortcut, select Properties, adding -enable-sync behind the target when I've carried out in the screenshot), then only check-out Wrench -> Sync my bookmarks.

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