Despite heavy hints from Apple

Sync Chrome bookmarks with Safari



BookMacster, the Bookmarks Master for your Mac, does everything. Choose one, two or all three…

Bookmarks Manager

Add features including tagging and alphabetizing to bookmarks of browsers such as for instance Safari. Verify, fix dupes, consolidate.

Cross-Browser Syncing Bridge

Hold internet browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) in your computer(s), tablet device(s) and wise phone(s) synced with the exact same inner bookmarks. Engineered for compatibility with iCloud, check in to Google and Firefox Sync. Like, involved in tandem with iCloud, BookMacster could keep Firefox and Chrome bookmarks in sync with Safari on your Mac and Safari on the iOS products, and the other way around.

Central Bookmarks Store

Maintain your bookmarks in one central, well-managed shop under your control. BookMacster's extensions and global accessibility work inside your browsers.

The BookMacster Family

BookMacster could be the “pro" person in our BookMacster category of apps. Job much easier setup and visualize your self only using a part of its capabilities, understand much more focused apps inside our Bookmarks Manager Selection Guide.


  • Sync constantly among Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Chromium, Chrome Canary, FirefoxDeveloperEdition.
  • Sync immediately with iCab, Opera, OmniWeb, Epic, Roccat when these browsers quit.
  • Sync by hand with Pinboard, Delicious and Diigo.
  • Effortlessly organize with Tags, Hierarchy, or both.
  • Designed to relax and play nice with Apple's iCloud, Google Chrome's Sign In, and Firefox Sync.
  • Verify bookmarks, fix redirects.
  • Find and take away duplicates.
  • Update insecure bookmarks to https://.
  • Pull URL Cruft such Bing tracking tags.
  • Sort (alphabetize) automatically whenever bookmarks tend to be changed. You manage which files you wish to be sorted or not sorted, and how to sort all of them.
  • Handles several consumer Profiles in Firefox and Chrome.
  • Scriptable to get brand-new bookmarks from NetNewsWire or comparable apps.

Help Book

BookMacster comes with an Apple Help Book in its Assistance selection. The Help Book the newest version of BookMacster is present online, here.


A typical permit for BookMacster will set you back $22.95 USD. We in addition offer volume and educational certification, and discounts people who update from Bookdog.

How exactly to Demo or Get

Simply download BookMacster, install and begin utilizing it. When you attempt to conserve or export bookmarks, click the "Demo" option. In a few seconds, BookMacster will request, retrieve and install your Demo license that will be good for 3 times. You may possibly try this three times, hence obtaining 9 days of active demonstration time.

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