Google releases its souped-up

Bookmarks Chrome Android

The march of Chrome changes never ends up, and now could be the time when it comes to beta create to advance. Google is moving out Chrome Beta v51 on Android. Since we have currently seen v51 within the dev station, we all know what things to look for—and yep, the merged tabs/apps choice is undoubtedly gone. So, which wasn't a fluke.

Bing has supported down on the merged applications and tabs choice that was introduced in Lollipop. It had been first-made non-default, it had been pulled in Chrome Dev a couple weeks ago. In accordance with the Chromium bug tracker, Google is wanting at anything known as "Herb" to displace the merged tabs UI. We will discuss Herb and its own flavors in the next post. Edit: right here it is.


This type of the Chrome Beta in addition adds the revamped material-themed bookmarks widget. We initially saw that one within the last Chrome Dev develop too. It looks much nicer. You could expect these modifications to come calmly to the steady create next few weeks. The updated variation is on APK Mirror if you don't want to wait for the staged rollout.

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