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Google Chrome and bookmarksGoogle Chrome is a great web browser. It offers a super-fast Javascript engine, it renders pages aided by the standards-friendly Webkit, it is minimalistic and simple to use. It’s also been developed at a breakneck rate, reaching version 6 (!) in bit more than couple of years. With Chrome, Bing has actually really pushed the envelope regarding rate and stability.

But Chrome has one huge disadvantage compared to essentially every single other internet browser out there: truly, REALLY awkward bookmark management. And also this is wholly unneeded.

Let's explain… and recommend a remedy.

The situation

Not everyone uses bookmarks (a.k.a. favorites) a great deal, however, many do, and in recent times a particular collection of “best techniques” being developed by internet browser manufacturers and people alike, particularly the capability to have a bookmarks sidebar that can be used for viewing, adding and opening bookmarks in an easy fashion.

Chrome almost has this, but has actually somehow entirely missed the prospective.

Open the “bookmark supervisor” in Chrome and you’ll be met by something like everything see here the following. That’s the nearest thing to a sidebar you receive, but as you can see it monopolizes a whole tab. There merely is not any sidebar.

Bookmarks in ChromeChrome has also a bookmarks club, present in the screenshot above, but that’s not really good enough, especially if you have your bookmarks in a tree structure (or have a lot of them). it is impossible to get a decent breakdown of your bookmarks in this manner, and there are more functionality issues, like needing to wade through directory site structure for each bookmark you want to open.

The reason why a sidebar? With a proper bookmarks sidebar, people can get it noticeable everyday when they so pleased, quickly adding bookmarks by dragging and losing tabs off to the right invest the sidebar. And undoubtedly the truly amazing overview of and simple usage of bookmarks this provides.

This lack of a bookmarks sidebar merely tends to make Chrome less useful, as well as for people it's a dealbreaker.

Everything we suggest

Bing, we love that you’re innovating and pushing the envelope with Chrome. However, inside specific instance, your answer for dealing with bookmarks is inferior to that of the competition. It just is less helpful, and of course clumsier. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Our small suggestion: view the way the bookmarks sidebar in Firefox works. You'll probably tweak it and enhance it while making it your own, nonetheless it’s a fantastic kick off point for how to try this “right.”

Anything you do, include an effective bookmark sidebar which actually allows people search because of the sidebar visible, and allow them to effortlessly available and add bookmarks (with drag and drop).

We have lost count of exactly how many times we’ve heard individuals state the JUST thing stopping all of them from changing to Chrome is its decreased a proper bookmarks sidebar.

And it’s not only us. Frustrated people have been in various online forums for Chrome for quite some time now, apparently with no reaction whatsoever from Google.

Last terms

Bookmarks are a fundamental concept to internet explorer rather than getting the most effective support for all of them is a handicap. Since there are already great techniques positioned for how to handle bookmarks, no browser maker should need certainly to fret too-much about how to handle them.

We don’t brain innovation (indeed, we love it), but in this instance Bing makes something a lot even worse than it needs becoming. Sufficient reason for Chrome at version 6, it's to be honest slightly baffling to us why it's maybe not however been addressed. It ought to be in Google’s most useful interest to fix this, and then we are of the opinion it might make more folks change to Chrome as his or her major web browser.

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