How to Transfer Your Google

Copy Google Chrome bookmarks

Open Windows Explorer/File Explorer:

  • In Windows XP, click the begin switch to start the commencement menu, after that simply click My computer system.
  • In Microsoft windows Vista or Windows 7, click the Microsoft windows begin key (it appears to be like a Windows logo design) to start the commencement menu, then click computer system.
  • In Windows 8, click the File Explorer icon into the Taskbar in your Desktop. If you are not currently seeing the Desktop, press the Windows Key + D in your keyboard to access the Desktop.
  • In Windows 10, click on the Windows Start switch (it seems like a Microsoft windows logo design) to start the Start menu, then click File Explorer.

Navigate to the inside Windows/File Explorer. Next, pull and drop your restored Bookmarks file from desktop in to the Windows/File Explorer screen.

A dialog box will be, showing your data may be overwritten. Click on the substitute for enable the file to overwrite (this is somewhat various depending on your OS).

Start Google Chrome. Your bookmarks should today display just the bookmarks recovered from Carbonite.

Once you've finished your restore and got everything back into this program, you're all set. If you'd like to resume the back up once more, kindly unfreeze your backup aided by the guidelines in this specific article.

Merging Your Present Bing Chrome Bookmarks Along With Your Copied Bookmarks

Open Google Chrome, after that available Chrome's Bookmark manager. There are two main ways to repeat this:

  • Using Bing Chrome window selected, press the Ctrl + Shift + O tips on your own keyboard in addition.
  • Click the three grey club symbol to the right of Chrome address bar/omnibox, highlight Bookmarks, after that click Bookmark supervisor.

On top of the Bookmarks Manager window, select Organize; Export Bookmarks.

Identify the file Current Bookmarks.html and then click protect.

This saves your bookmarks so they can be added back after recovering your backed up bookmarks.

Close Google Chrome.

  • In Windows Vista of Microsoft windows 7, click on the Microsoft windows Start button (it seems like a Microsoft windows logo) to start the commencement menu, after that click Computer.
  • In Microsoft windows 8, click on the File Explorer icon into the Taskbar on your own Desktop. If you're maybe not currently watching the Desktop, press the Windows Key + D on your own keyboard to gain access to the Desktop.

Navigate into the place of the present bookmarks in Windows/File Explorer. Next, drag and drop your restored Bookmarks file (not existing Bookmarks.html) from the desktop to the Windows/File Explorer window.

Open up Bing Chrome, after that available Chrome's Bookmark supervisor. Bear in mind, there are two main how to do that:

On the top of the Bookmarks management window, choose Organize; Import Bookmarks.

When you look at the window that appears, choose Desktop once the place to import the file from and select the Current Bookmarks file. Click open up as well as your current bookmarks may be imported.

You can now use Google Chrome as you previously did, with both your past and present bookmarks brought in into the system.

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