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If you utilize Bing Toolbar for Firefox only because you love the bookmarking function, there's a better choice: GMarks. While there are some other extensions offering an interface for Bing Bookmarks, John Marshall's GMarks adds countless price to Bing's basic bookmarking service.

GMarks can show the bookmarks almost exactly like Firefox's indigenous bookmarks: in a different menu plus the sidebar. There's also a dropdown which can be put into Firefox's toolbars. The sidebar is useful when you wish to perform full-text lookups within bookmarks and never having to go to Google's site, even though the GMark selection features a great option for managing bookmarks. In the event that you visit "Organize bookmarks", you can transfer bookmarks, edit or delete bookmarks and create Gmail-like filters. For instance, you are able to instantly add the label Google regarding bookmark out of this web log.

The extension can show the sheer number of bookmarks for each label, a list of current bookmarks additionally the most regularly visited bookmarks. To bookmark a typical page, use the familiar shortcut Ctrl+D or perhaps the GMarks selection.

Probably the most regular user needs for Bing Bookmarks is nested labels and GMarks makes use of some technique to simulate hierarchical labels: split up the labels with >. If you intend to label a bookmark as searching and Comparison, in which Comparison is a sublabel of Shopping, simply enter Shopping>Comparison once you create the bookmark. Since Google Bookmarks doesn't help this particular feature, the labels can look becoming nested just in GMarks.

While the cool functions never end right here: the extension implies labels on the basis of the website's name, you can easily hide the bookmarks which have specific labels and there is an alternative for integrating the starred items from Google Reader.

Because the last time whenever I typed about GMarks, the expansion included probably the most interesting a few ideas implemented by the "competitors" and was able to end up being the Google Bookmarks expansion. If there's whatever could be added, possibly it might be helpful to totally change Firefox's bookmarking system by hiding all of the program elements linked to the local bookmarks and replicating all modifications to Google Bookmarks in your area.

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