Where are my bookmarks in Firefox?

Where are my icons for my bookmarks? Easily click a bookmark the symbol dosage not upgrade. I am aware some wouldn't have an icon. These types of have actually bookmarks icons when I boot to win7, yet not win 8, 8.1, win10, or XP to my multiboot system. I prefer firefox's sync, additionally the bookmarks sync up however the icons. begin to see the display screen shot pic affixed from from win8.1 Suggestions? Many Thanks

In which are my icons for my bookmarks? If I visit a bookmark the symbol dosage perhaps not update. I understand some will never have an icon. Most of these have actually bookmarks icons once I boot to win7, however win 8, 8.1, win10, or XP on my multiboot system. I take advantage of firefox's sync, therefore the bookmarks sync up not the icons. look at screen chance pic connected from from win8.1 recommendations? Thanks A Lot

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Does Firefox reload the favicon in the event that you click these types of a bookmark to open it in a loss?

Available "Reload Favorites Icons" when you look at the Bookmarks selection.

Look at this response in framework

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