Google Unveils Delicious

Import bookmarks into Google bookmarks

Delicious used to be amazing, however now sucks. I'm seeking a decent alternative that does

  • tag clouds,
  • auto-complete on tags
  • and generally gets the amazing goodness that delicious had in 2009+.

I tried Diigo, but found the user interface awkward an non-intuitive. I'm today attempting Google Bookmarks, although "import tasty bookmarks" feature isn't working .

  • screen-shot 1 is import failed try via username
  • screen-shot 2 is import failed try via Yahoo OAuth

Instead, Bing Bookmarks provides a weird handbook import process that causes you to definitely

  • install your bookmarks
  • import those bookmarks into FF,
  • then make use of FF's Google Toolbar to pass FF Bookmarks to "Google Bookmarks". It is bad enough your option to the broken import purpose, is pushing us to put in Google Toolbar to transfer some bookmarks. The kicker is Bing Toolbar fails for my version of FF (5+).
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