How to Import Bookmarks to

Import bookmarks in Safari

Mac OS X aids browsers such as for example Chrome, Safari and Firefox.Mac OS X supports browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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If you decided to change from Microsoft windows to Mac OS X, you should move your Safari bookmarks towards brand-new operating-system, so that you cannot lose your favorite pages. You can export your variety of preferences to a HTML file, which you yourself can duplicate towards Mac making use of any storage space product. HTML data may be imported into most Web browsers, including Safari.

Exporting Your Bookmarks From Your Own Computer

Start the Charms club. Press "Search, " kind "Safari" (without quotes) into the search club, and select "Safari" from the variety of leads to open up the internet browser on your computer.

Plug a storage unit, particularly a USB flash drive or an additional hard disk, into your PC.

Choose "Export Bookmarks" beneath the File selection. Navigate to the drive page corresponding to your storage product. Pick a name the file containing your bookmarks and press "okay" to save it.

Get rid of the storage space unit from your own Computer and connect it into your Mac.

Importing Your Bookmarks towards Mac

Launch Safari on your Mac from the Dock or from Applications folder in Go menu.

Mouse click "Import Bookmarks" in File menu.

Navigate to the items of one's storage unit and select the file you transferred from your Computer. Press "OK" to import your bookmarks into Safari for Mac.


  • The measures provided here apply to Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and Safari 6. Suggestions can vary a little or significantly along with other variations associated with items.

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