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Edit bookmarks in Chrome

Google ChromeIf you’re an electrical user then you definitely most likely realize we CAN’T change the favicons of Chrome bookmarks. However it’s possible in web browser plus it’s super easy. Since ie stores all of the bookmarks within PC’s Favorites folder (C:\Users\\Favorites), you are able to transform its favicon utilizing the “Change Icon…” choice of every bookmark’s Properties (Right-click Bookmark > characteristics > Change Icon…).

Now returning to Bing Chrome, you can’t change the default favicons of internet sites within Chrome Bookmarks Bar. Relating to it's feasible to improve the favicons manually through (but I don’t know). In addition, there are many Chrome extensions like, and on the Chrome online store that enable united states to change the Chrome bookmarks icons by hand. But I haven’t tried any of all of them individually as I always keep carefully the few extensions that I’m utilizing to a minimal.

Wait, I’ve discovered a way to replace the favicons of Chrome bookmarks and it also’s a breeze. It’s done-by producing an HTML file on your computer or on an internet host that redirects towards preferred web site (with simple HTML redirects).

For instance, you can examine my Bing Chrome Bookmarks club and you’ll note that the favicon of Feedly.com isn't the default one. We have done that by creating an HTML file called Feedly.html back at my server at

…Added listed here rules:

…saved as Feedly.html and uploaded to my internet host.

As you can plainly see, i've produced an HTML redirect that redirects the HTML file to Feedly.com and I utilized the to set a customized favicon.

Don’t Have An Internet Hosting?

In the event that you don’t have a server then you can certainly produce the preceding HTML file and save it independently PC. And then just drag and drop that file to your Chrome Bookmarks Bar and rename it. Complete!


Need make your bookmarks bar nice and clean? Well, in Chrome, you could add a bookmark WITHOUT entering a name. Google Chrome automagically makes use of the title for the website once the bookmark name to simply pull that plus it shows only the favicon.

So… today the bookmarks club will look like:

Additionally works in Mozilla Firefox nonetheless it’s impossible in web browser since we can’t develop an online Shortcut without entering a filename.

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