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Google Chrome search bookmarks

search_bookmarksChrome’s URL bar, or in other words the OmniBar because it’s known as is much more than a search bar or a simple URL club. When you type everything into the URL club it searches your history along with your bookmarks. That’s why it is the Omnibar. That said, if you would like exclusively search your bookmarks you must go to the bookmarks manager or feel the folders regarding bookmarks bar. An alternative should possibly use an extension that let you search bookmarks or, you could add bookmarks as a search engine in Chrome and obtain it done without needing an extension. Here’s how.

Chrome enables you to add the search engines; these could be the search engines or sites like Wikipedia and YouTube. To incorporate bookmarks as the search engines go to setup from hamburger option towards the top right and click ‘Manage the search engines…’ and include an innovative new internet search engine. You are able to name it anything you want though Chrome Bookmarks is practical. After that put a keyword for this. It’s far better make use of just one letter if it's readily available. Finally, within the URL area, paste this;


and you’re all done.

Simply click inside OmniBar and key in the search term you put for internet search engine, hit Tab whenever prompt looks then enter what you want to search for. The serp's open in a new loss into the Bookmarks supervisor.

That’s all it will take. It searches both bookmarked backlinks and files though it isn’t extremely great at looking bookmarks by title.

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