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Importing bookmarks to Opera

promoting a Bookmark in Opera beta 25Good development, everyone!

The continuing future of Opera bookmarks shows up to the freshly renamed Opera beta station (previously generally Opera upcoming). With Opera beta 25 we introduce a new way to see bookmarks. Instead of just marking the page you can easily choose a picture to go right along with it. With Opera bookmarks you will be obtaining “things” not merely “links”.


Here's how it works: Find something awesome on the net. Like a dish for Blackberry Frozen Yogurt Cake, Yum! Click the Heart to start a dialog and select which image you would like with this bookmark and where you wish place it:

Open the bookmarks supervisor and find out your bookmarks in a lovely, graphical collection:

We hope you'll be since excited even as we tend to be about visual bookmarks!

A much better startpage

Do you decide to try Opera Coast however? Remember the first-time you saw these cool icons for the favorite webpages? Well, we performed and desired them in Desktop, also! With Opera beta 25 we test a brand new startpage which includes Speed Dial with Coast-style tiles instead of screenshots. Decide to try all of them and inform us everything believe!

Integrated PDF audience

Tired of losing focus if you're reading a PDF on an online site? With Opera beta 25 we integrate an easy PDF Viewer directly into the web browser to keep reading without altering programs.

Online notifications

Notifications tend to be a convenient technique webpages to tell their users about activities, for instance the distribution of mail or a remark posted on a blog. With Opera beta 25 we make sure they are as native to your body as you can: could get them as typical house windows or Mac notifications.

Support for H.264 and MP3

H.264 video and MP3 sound is popular on the internet. With Opera beta 25 you'll have indigenous accessibility such news content. This particular feature has higher system needs compared to the rest of Opera: house windows Vista or newer, OS X 10.9 or more recent, as well as on Linux you'll need ffmpeg variation 2.3.x or newer.

Linux now in beta-Channel

As soon as we announced Opera Desktop for Linux we said that we will put it into beta as soon as we thought it reaches the quality we expect from our services and products. Well, we have been there! Linux will likely to be for sale in the beta station for the first time in Opera beta 25.

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