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Bookmark 29 WinBookmarks tend to be links to web pages which make it an easy task to return to your preferred locations. This informative article goes over the fundamentals of earning and managing your bookmarks.

Note: Bookmarks are known as Favorites in web browser.

It's easy — simply click the star!

To create a bookmark, click the star within the toolbar. The star will switch blue and a bookmark for the page you are in would be developed inside Unsorted BookmarksOther Bookmarks folder. That is it!

Suggestion: desire to bookmark all your open tabs simultaneously? Right-clickHold down the Ctrl key as you visit the tabs and select from the context menu. Supply the brand-new bookmarks folder a name and choose which folder to keep it in. Click Add Bookmarks to complete.

  1. To modify the details of bookmark, click on the celebrity another time for you open the Edit This Bookmark window.
    • In Edit This Bookmark package you are able to alter some of these details:
      • Identify: here is the name that Firefox displays the bookmark in menus.
      • Folder: Pick just what folder to store your bookmark in by choosing one from drop-down selection (including, the Bookmarks Menu or Bookmarks Toolbar). In that drop-down selection you may also choose to produce a summary of all bookmarks folders.
      • Tags: You can use tags to assist you search through and arrange your bookmarks. To find out more, see Bookmark Tags - Categorize bookmarks to make them no problem finding.
  2. While you are finished modifying, click complete to shut the container.

The simplest way to get a page you've bookmarked will be start typing its title inside target club. As you type, a summary of web pages that you've bookmarked, tagged and visited will appear. Bookmarked pages could have a star close to them. All you have to do is click one of several pages and you will certainly be taken here immediately. To find out more, see Awesome Bar - Search your Firefox bookmarks, record and tabs through the target bar.

The Library window lets you view and organize any bookmarks.

  1. Click on the Bookmarks button on the right-side regarding the navigation toolbarOn the selection bar, click At the top of the Firefox screen, click the selection and choose to open the Library window.

    Click the Bookmarks button and choose to start the Library window.

  2. Automatically, the bookmarks you create will be found in the Unsorted BookmarksOther Bookmarks folder. Pick it in the sidebar of the Library window to begin to see the bookmarks you've made. Double-clicking a bookmark will open it.

As you have the Library window available, you may want to drag bookmarks into various other folders like Bookmarks Menu folder which ultimately shows your bookmarks in menu underneath the Bookmarks option. If you add bookmarks to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder they'll appear on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Understand following articles for lots more information on how exactly to manage your giant set of bookmarks:

Should you want to utilize the Bookmarks Toolbar, it is possible to transform it on like this:

  1. Click on the selection option and choose Customize.
  2. Click on the dropdown menu in the bottom for the display screen and choose .
  3. Click the green Exit tailor button.
  • Click on the menu towards the top of the screen, go-down to and select .

Ready for more enjoyable with bookmarks? Listed here are more articles to acquire the most from all of them.

  • Share bookmarks, tabs and more with another computer or mobile device: observe how do I setup Sync back at my computer system?
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