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Firefox bookmarks export

bookmarksinitial.PNGThis document outlines how-to export Firefox Bookmarks to an HTML file.

Firefox bookmarks are actually instantly exported on the neighborhood installing of Firefox provided by LTG on Tier 2 computer systems, making this document unnecessary. To replace the back-up that LTG developed via script, head to this KB article instead:

So that you can export or backup your Firefox bookmarks, you need to go right to the Bookmarks menu choice in Firefox, and select "Organize Bookmarks". This will mention the Bookmarks Organization screen.

From Import and Backup fall down selection, select "Export HTML"
You'll then be prompted for a location to save your bookmarks.html file. Find the area you need to save the file to and then strike the protect button. My Documents is an excellent location, since it is linked with your individual Q:\ drive and will be accessible from any collection Tier 2, preserving to a USB storage device, or locally towards C:\ drive will also be options.
export1.PNG export2.PNG

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