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HTML bookmarks outputA Node.js CLI script for switching a Firefox bookmarks json file into a nicely-formatted, shareable HTML file.

This can be a Node.js CLI script for turning a Firefox bookmarks json file into a nicely-formatted, shareable HTML file. Firefox's bookmarks manager allows you to export your bookmarks to HTML already, but i needed a thing that could create friendlier HTML production therefore I could share my bookmarks in an easy-to-read format.

Set Up

npm install parse-ff-bookmarks -g

You may want to prefix the demand with sudo.


  1. Open up the bookmarks supervisor via the menu in Firefox: Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks
  2. Mouse click "Import and Backup" and select "Backup...", saving the json backup file within desired place.
  3. Run:

parse-ff-bookmarks /path/to/bookmarks.json my-bookmarks.html

replacing the instance values utilizing the area of your json file while the desired title for the HTML file to output.

NOTE: You'll be able to add a third debate specifying which folder in your bookmarks you need to begin in. e.g.

parse-ff-bookmarks /path/to/bookmarks.json my-bookmarks.html "Bookmarks Menu/Web Dev"

The above would limit the output to simply bookmarks inside the online Dev folder.

Deeply Linking

If you would like share a folder within bookmarks, also one profoundly nested, you can just duplicate its link. Anybody who visits the hyperlink have the linked folder established and moved into focus.

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