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Pocket is the greatest way to save pages you’d love to read and view later. There are a few different ways to truly save to pouch from your browser, but we recommend that you apply our Extension instead to obtain the most useful knowledge. Just click here to get started because of the pouch internet browser expansion.

But if you like never to install the web browser extension, no problem! You can put in our bookmarklet to save to pouch in a single mouse click.

Note to iPhone/iPad people: These instructions tend to be for making use of a bookmarklet on some type of computer. If you should be trying to put in the bookmarklet on an iPhone or iPad see these instructions instead:

How it functions

If you're seeing a page that you'd want to save your self to pouch, just click the '+ Pocket' bookmarklet within Bookmarks/Favorites Toolbar to save it for your requirements. Articles, websites, videos, pictures and almost any site website is put into Pocket in this manner.

Installing the Pocket Bookmarklet

Initially, being make sure that the pouch bookmarklet is easily obtainable, kindly make sure your bookmarks/favorites bar is shown. Listed here are instructions on how best to make this toolbar noticeable in some preferred browsers:

Once your bookmarks/favorites bar can be viewed, take these instructions to set up and make use of the bookmarklet:

  1. Mouse click and drag the “+Pocket” bookmark to the preferences club.

Note for Safari users: You’ll observe that the bookmarklet is entitled “Download.” After adding the bookmarklet towards Favorites Bar in Safari, you are able to rename it to “+ Pocket”.

Professional Suggestion: By using Safari and sync your bookmarks with iCloud, you are able to put in the Pocket bookmarklet on your computer and use it on your iOS product. Just stick to the instructions above, plus Mobile Safari of one's iOS product, you'll find the '+ pouch' bookmarklet into the 'Bookmarks Bar' folder.

Typical Questions

The bookmarklet may not be installed in Internet Explorer

The bookmarklet says ‘Error preserving’ once I try to put it to use

Each bookmarklet is unique to a specific account. If you attempt to use a bookmarklet while signed into a new account, you'll get this error.

The bookmarklet claims ‘Please Login’ although I’m currently signed in

I actually do not need a bookmarks bar and/or cannot drag the bookmarklet into my web browser

The easiest option would be to start your browser’s View menu and tell it showing the Bookmarks or preferences bar.

If you are using a browser that doesn't let you pull bookmarks onto the bookmarks club (like Internet Explorer), you can just right-click the bookmarklet switch and choose ‘Add to Favorites’, making sure that you decide on the 'Favorites club' place.

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