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Need know all the stuff Google knows about you? Listed here are 6 links which will demonstrate a few of the data Bing has actually in regards to you.

1. Discover what Google considers you

To serve appropriate advertisements, Bing collects information about yourself and creates a profile. You can get a handle on and review the knowledge Bing has on you here:

Bing has also something known as Google Analytics, that can help editors see just what pages you have got viewed on their site, what amount of times you've got checked out it, the length of time do you remain etc. It is possible to decide on if you don’t want this type of data is gathered:

2. Discover your location history

If you are using Android os, your smart phone can be giving your location to Bing. You can observe your whole place record right here:

3. Find out your complete Google Search history

Google saves every search you have got ever done. In addition, they record every Google ad you have got clicked on. This sign will come in Google internet record controls:

4. Get a monthly security and privacy report from Bing

Google provides a merchant account activity web page that tells you about most of the Google solutions you may be using. You can even enable a monthly report which is sent to your mail:

5. Determine all apps and extensions that are opening your Bing information

The Account task page also offers a summary of most of the applications which have any type of access to your data. You can see the exact kind of permissions given into the app and revoke access to your computer data here:

6. Export all your information out of Google

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