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Whenever you register with MINDBODY, the app searches for matching profiles held with neighborhood businesses and syncs them to your smart phone. The syncing procedure functions matching two items of information across reports: your email plus first and last name.

If several of your reports successfully synced, but other individuals didn't, then you may have used an alternative email address when you licensed using the businesses that aren’t showing into the app. it is additionally possible that your title was misspelled whenever your records were made up of those companies. When this occurs, you'll need to .


If a business or your passes tend to be lacking, ensure that the email address and title used with the MINDBODY® software match which used using the company. You can also by hand sync your bank account.

Automatic syncing

How to proceed if a company or pass is lacking

If some of your reports continue to be missing, or one of the accounts utilizes a message address that's distinct from usually the one used in combination with the software, you may have to by hand synchronize these firms into the MINDBODY application. To perform this process, you'll want to understand the current email address and password used with these missing companies, and also to resend the MINDBODY application verification mail.

  1. Tap the Menu symbol at the very top remaining spot of display.
  2. Select Settings through the navigation selection.
  3. Touch the forward button under Email Verification.

Now check your Inbox the verification mail — it must arrive within a few minutes.

Start this confirmation e-mail and then click the enclosed website link, then scroll towards the "seek out a company" part in the bottom associated with the screen.

  1. Enter the title of lacking company, and touch Search.
  2. Tap regarding the name of the business you may like to sync.
  3. Go into the current email address and code you use using this company.
  4. Tap Sign In.

Syncing with brand new companies

If you have registered with additional businesses since your initial confirmation, you will need to resync your accounts to incorporate all of them to your software. It is possible to sync your accounts using "automatic syncing, " or individual reports following the "manual syncing" guidelines in the list above.

Once your MINDBODY account syncs with an area company, any newly bought passes is immediately accessible through app.

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