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For a long time today, I’ve desired to manage to synchronise my bookmarks across multiple browsers and numerous computer systems. Splitting my time between focusing on a desktop device and a laptop, I became continuously frustrated whenever I’d visit choose a bookmark that I’d discovered the earlier day, simply to realize that it was bookmarked on yet another device.

Well, you can forget frustration! I stumbled upon a fantastic device recently labeled as Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks). It offers a number of great benefits, nevertheless the one i love many, may be the ability to sync bookmarks between computers and between browser kinds. They at this time help Firefox, web browser and Safari (maximum OS).

Xmarks can be acquired as an add-on for Firefox and Safari, and can automatically synchronise it self on web browser shutdown. Xmarks for IE works as an auto-start executable and certainly will simply load it self into memory, filled with a method Tray symbol.

Within Firefox, you have access to most of the Xmarks options by simply clicking the little icon within the base correct part for the browser. This allows you to definitely arranged your account details, synchronisation types and other features. (click the picture for a more step-by-step view for the configuration screens)


If you add, delete or edit a bookmark, Xmarks will automatically backup the modifications to their computers and store all of them for half a year. To see and restore previous bookmark selections, just login to your account via their website or check out along with the additional security of knowing that your bookmarks tend to be backed up, in addition means that they truly are readily available for one to access anywhere, via the internet. The site is even optimised for watching on the iPhone or iPod touch display screen.

As a regular firefox individual and an iPhone devotee, I found it irritating that iTunes just supported bookmark synchronisation from Safari or web browser. Today we don’t want to be concerned as all my Firefox bookmarks will automatically sync across to IE and therefore also keep my iPhone updated too. Merely another extra extra!

A few of the other functions offered:

  • Xmarks will emphasize the three top internet sites within Google results predicated on what number of people have bookmarked them.
  • You can easily go through the Xmarks tips symbol in your place bar to see detail by detail information on the website you are on.
  • it is possible to generate various pages for various bookmarks. This enables you to definitely hold Residence and Work bookmarks sync seperately, like.
  • You'll share individual files or your entire set of bookmarks.
  • In Firefox 3, it is possible to firmly sync your conserved passwords between computers.

Overall, i believe its an excellent tool and after deploying it for two weeks now, the one thing I’m disappointed about isn't finding it sooner!

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