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Kindle for Mac works fully with Whispersync and Send to Kindle, top features of Amazon's Kindle ecosystem that individuals'll examine after that.


Using usefulness associated with Kindle system, it isn't impossible that you will want to see your articles across products. Begin a book in Kindle for iPhone app in your drive to your workplace, choose it up in the OS X application at lunch and complete on your own real Kindle hardware at night.

Whispersync is an automatic function included in Kindle apps across platforms, including on Kindle equipment it self. The event syncs the following content:

  • Annotations you've put into books and content on a Kindle app/device
  • Bookmarks you have made in books
  • The furthest web page read on a Kindle device or app, enabling you to immediately discover your home if you switch devices

Thankfully, Whispersync is obviously turned on automatically so you do not have to do anything to get it ready to go. If you're with the Kindle for Mac app as part of a cross-platform reading setup, you will end up prompted whenever opening a novel to improve the web page if you have recently look over further.

The Kindle for Mac application, here prompting us to sync to a further page because it has been read more recently on an alternate product.

Turning Down Whispersync

If for whatever reason you intend to disable Whispersync, it's easy to perform a halt regarding feature. Simply head to your Amazon account on the net, go to the handle Your Kindle web page, select control Your product and switch off Whispersync Device Synchronization.

You're nonetheless capable enact manual syncing associated with last web page continue reading a Kindle unit by selecting the selection and choosing Sync to Furthest Page browse.

Send to Kindle

Whispersync is a good means of automatically having your Amazon books be completely in sync anywhere you determine to review all of them, whether that take an application on your own phone, tablet or Mac, or on a Kindle device itself. However, let's say it is not a book that you're trying to keep reading your device? This is where forward to Kindle comes into rehearse.

Send to Kindle lets you drive a number of content kinds to your Kindle or Kindle reading app, including web content and papers. The very first of 3 ways which to achieve this is by mail, where youare able to seize yourself a Send-to-Kindle current email address to post documents to, for them to be forced through to your application or device.

If you're seeking to deliver web content (say a news article or a guide using this extremely website) towards Kindle app or unit, the easiest way would be to grab the forward to Kindle expansion for the web browser. Now available for Chrome and Firefox (with Safari coming soon), the extension adds a button to your web browser's UI that may, on command, press site content to your Kindle library in two-clicks.

Idea: The keyboard shortcut alt + K will even do the identical to going through the switch inside browser.

Preliminary setup will allow you to define only which applications and devices the pressed content will get sent to.

Forward to Kindle, as a Chrome extension.

The final forward to Kindle method is through an indigenous OS X app which provides a drag-and-drop software for delivering documents towards Kindle software or product. Install the application and simply pull a document in just one of the supported platforms because of it is sent to your Kindle collection.

The drag-and-drop method in Send to Kindle.

Send to Kindle also registers it self as a printer, so it's feasible to "print" a document to your application in the same manner it's possible to create a PDF, that is particularly useful if you be generating a document yourself. Simply choose forward to Kindle from the variety of available printers when you action the procedure when you look at the regular way for the respective application.


Send to Kindle delivers content towards Kindle by one of two means: WiFi or Whispernet. The former is simply as you'd anticipate, content is pressed out from your WiFi-connected device to your various other WiFi-connected product and it is completely free. However, Amazon in addition makes available a site entitled "Whispernet" in the usa, an attribute enabling your write-ups is sent to your Kindle over a 3G community with out a personal subscription.

Pressing a document over Whispernet will do so through Amazon's prepaid 3G community, costing $0.15 per megabyte whenever enacted inside the United States (or $0.99 per megabyte when travelling exterior). Opting to make use of Whispernet is a choice obtainable in the initial setup of the Send to Kindle expansion or application.

That's It!

Amazon doesn't make it too difficult to get reading minus the stress of finding your page whenever you pick-up a book on another device. Plus, the forward to Kindle service makes it quite simple for your documents and content pushed towards product, making Amazon's Kindle ecosystem an incredible location to aggregate your readable content.

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