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Syncing computers

Syncing implies your things remains the exact same on numerous computers and the cloud.

Tip: To sync and share without having the cloud, try DirectSync™.

Here's just how to stay-in sync between computers via the cloud. Significant: Install Cubby on each computer system that you would like to keep in sync. You'll sync as much computer systems as you want. No limitation.

  • Create a cubby utilizing the desktop computer application or Make sure it is syncing on cloud.
  • Head to each computer that you want to keep in sync.
  • Include the cubby on computer. Such as this:
  • Open Cubby, the desktop application.
  • In Cubby, mouse click SYNC after which click the OFF switch so that it checks out in.
  • Select a location for your cubby.
  • Tip: If you merge the cubby with a current folder, any data in current folder are added to the cubby. Which means are going to synced to other products syncing into cubby.

    Remember: Sub-folders are also synced. So for a folder known as 2012 with a sub-folder for every thirty days, every month is likewise synced.

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