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Diigo is a robust information capturing, storing, recalling and sharing tool. Listed here are just some of the possibilities with Diigo:

  • Protect crucial web sites and accessibility them on any computer system.
  • Categorize websites by games, notes, keyword tags, lists and teams.
  • Read through bookmarks to rapidly discover desired information.
  • Save a screenshot of a web page and find out just how it's changed in the long run.
  • Annotate websites with highlighting or digital "sticky records."
  • See any annotations made by others on any internet site seen.
  • Share web pages with groups or the entire Diigo social network.
  • Touch upon the bookmarks of others or solicit comments to your provided bookmarks.

To learn more about how Diigo may be used as as information administration device, check out these pages:

Diigo features obvious benefits to the average person that should keep and recall important information. But how do it is utilized in the class room?

Personal Pupil Bookmarks

One common problem of pupil computer system use in schools is usage of student work at home. Its not all college provides a means for pupils to get into their school information. In these instances, if students generate bookmarks at school, they're not going to have admission from other computers.Using Diigo, pupils can bookmark essential internet sites and access all of them from college, home, the library or any internet-connected computer. Students will always have access to this information.

Bookmark Lists

Teachers and students may use the team and number attributes of Diigo to organize bookmarks on motifs or subjects. Courses also can collaborate and discuss information within Diigo.

For instance, educators with several section of a course can begin collaboration among each of their areas. Students may use Diigo to create annotations on useful web sites, and save yourself those sites to groups or listings. Other students, even yet in various other parts, can easily see the annotations produced by other students. Pupils can also review and respond to other individuals. Right here, Diigo produces a communication station between sections that would usually not be easy to create.

Extended Learning

Diigo provides a way to enrich or expand studying a topic. Through formal or informal activities, students can research sites about a class topic and publish their conclusions to Diigo listings or groups. Students may also develop appropriate annotations for other individuals to see.

Educators can use Diigo in this way in several means.

  • Classes could start a subject of study with an information search to preview the information.
  • Courses could augment their particular textbook with information from the web. Diigo could facilitate student conversations concerning the bookmarks. Annotations might be always evaluate student thinking.
  • Classes could use Diigo to review content in a type of fact-checking activity. The world-wide-web could be always research crucial points of study and discover if it information can be verified with bookmarks.

Expert Development

Beyond extended pupil understanding, Diigo may be used as a type of expert development. Diigo features a number of educator teams being energetic in sharing and working together on bookmarks relevant to education. This team features nearly 10, 000 members. There is over 200 other Diigo K-12 knowledge teams right here.


Training students to analyze is a very common standard across all level levels, elementary, center college, senior school, and past. Diigo excels as an investigation device:

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