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Sync Safari bookmarks

You need to use iTunes to sync the contacts, calendars, Safari bookmarks, and email account information on your computer along with your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. iTunes also syncs these records from your own product to your computer—for example, in the event that you add contacts in your iPad, syncing adds those contacts to your computer’s Contacts.

When you sync, iTunes determines whether your device or your computer offers the most recent information, and enables you to select information you want to sync.

Note: if you are using OS X v10.9.3 or later on, you can easily sync just contacts and calendars. Other kinds of resources are updated on your computers and iOS devices via iCloud. To learn more, see iCloud Help at

Sync connections along with other information with ipod itouch, iPhone, or iPad

  1. Link your product to your computer system.
  2. Click on the device key, then click information.

    an image associated with the product key with Info selected in the sidebar

  3. Select the things you need sync.
  4. Mouse Click Apply.

Sync connections and other information with iPod nano or iPod classic

Note: this choice is present only if you utilize OS X v.10.8.5 or earlier in the day.

  1. Click on the product switch, then click information.

    an image regarding the product option with tips chosen inside sidebar

  2. Select the items you desire to sync.

Your contact and calendar information is updated on your iPod any time you link it to your computer. You can also update your information any time your unit is connected by choosing File > Sync iPod in iTunes.

If you have issues syncing, decide to try syncing just certain information. As an example, deselect the Sync checkboxes on songs, images, Podcasts, and movie panes, and try syncing only Info.

You can sync information without any cables along with your ipod itouch, iPhone, or iPad making use of iCloud or Microsoft Exchange. Any items you sync with one of these programs can also be synced with iTunes. Start to see the documents for iCloud and Microsoft Exchange for further details.

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