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To get the GSA's freshly-created certificate to enable you to add it as a reliable number for the connector, proceed with the process of your selected web browser and for the command line.


  1. Navigate to the GSA's safe search at https://gsa.example.local/.
  2. a caution page seems using the message, This Connection is Untrusted.

    This message appears since the certificate is self-signed and never finalized by a dependable Certificate Authority.

  3. Simply click i realize the Risks and click Add Exception.
  4. Hold back until the View... button is clickable, then click it.
  5. Go to the Details loss and click Export....
  6. Save the certification in your connector's directory aided by the title gsa.crt.
  7. Simply click Close, then click Cancel to close the windows.


  1. Navigate to the GSA's protected search at https://gsa.example.local/.

    a warning web page seems using message, your website's protection certification is certainly not reliable! Within the place bar, there must be a red padlock with an 'x' onto it.

  2. Click on the padlock, then click certification Information.
  3. Click Close, and then click Cancel to shut the windows

OpenSSL (command-line)

  1. Execute the following command:
    openssl s_client -connect gsahostname:443 < /dev/null
  2. Copy the section that begins with -BEGIN CERTIFICATE- and concludes with -END CERTIFICATE- (like the BEGIN and END CERTIFICATE portions) into a fresh file.
  3. Save the file in your connector's directory site with the title gsa.crt.

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