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I am having comparable issues!!! 1-I have a Opera connect account 2-Im utilizing an iPhone 3GS 3-When I-go into options in my own iPhone turn Opera Link on, I am caused to check in or join 4-I tried signing in with my Apple ID, and I also got the exact same warning! 5-I in addition attempted signing in less than my Opera account, same caution!! 6-When we succeeded signing in using my Apple ID, all my bookmarks on my product disappeared.years well worth!!! 7. BUT WHEN I SWITCHED THE OPERA LINK OFF, mysteriously all my bookmarks reappeared! .very strange 8. Note: utilizing another iPhone used to do install Opera thereon product!!! 9. AT THIS POINT IVE DEVOTED DAYS, AND I SIMPLY WANT our BOOKMARKS!! 10. I never seen any of my iPhone bookmarks on Opera connect's server 11. It isn't possible to login using my Apple ID on Opera connect!! 12. Once I check in making use of my Opera account, my bookmark that I synced using the Opera 12x browser are there, there no folders from my iPhone! 13. Im totally confused concerning where my iPhone bookmarks reside? 14. Since Opera is not in a position to assist, We have no other option to try to retrieve my bookmarks making use of a iPhone file explorer!! 15. Opera is certainly not offering us assistance AND doubting our rights to our information!! 16. Should I hire a $150 one hour computer system geek? Danny Tamburrino San Francisco Bay Area California 415.265.1075 mobile w/p

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danny711. When you are utilizing 3GS this indicate which are not having iOS 7.x + which can be needed to put in our brand new builds. We're maybe not upgrading old customers, just host side problem will likely be remedied (host protect assistance). Whilst comes to your link problems: it seams that is common problem for previous Opera Mini (we had been having some info on, but this portal was fallen). First of all, the only method to get on connect account was using Opera account, apple id could work only in scenario that you are using exact same email and code for it. Second usually Opera Mini is producing folder "Opera Mini" on primary account (choose it) and shop all bookmarks and files from mini client only in that folder, individual can easily see and edit it utilizing old Opera 12 for desktop, also it can be done to view them through . On Opera Mini customer on phone you won't see any bookmark from desktop, as they are maybe not in Opera Mini folder ! there's ways to overcome it by dealing those bookmarks to opera mini folder making use of old Opera 12.x (should synchronize it).

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