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How to set up Firefox?

aboutconfig-fx40winThe Configuration Editor (about:config page) lists Firefox options generally choices which are look over from prefs.js and individual.js files when you look at the Firefox profile and from application defaults. Several preferences are advanced level configurations that are not present in the OptionsPreferences dialog. This informative article describes how to use the about:config page to look at, change, or reset Firefox inclination configurations, if you want to do this.

Warning: altering these advanced options will often break Firefox or cause odd behavior. You need to only do this once you know what you're doing or if you are after trustworthy advice.

Into the target bar, kind about:config and press EnterReturn.

  • The about:config "this could void your warranty!" warning web page may seem. Simply click i'm going to be careful, we vowwe accept the danger! to keep towards the about:config web page.

To add a fresh inclination, right-clickcontrol-click anywhere in the menu of preferences. In the context selection, select, find the variety of preference you're incorporating (String, Integer, or Boolean) and then follow the prompts to enter the choice name and price.

  • String is any series of text
  • Integer is lots
  • Boolean is true or untrue

To change the value of an existing string or integer inclination, right-clickcontrol-click on the inclination and select through the framework menu (or double-click regarding choice) after which key in the new price into the screen that opens. For a boolean (true-false) preference, right-clickcontrol-click on the choice and choose from framework selection (or double-click regarding the inclination) to toggle its value between true and untrue.

To reset a choice to its standard worth or to pull an additional preference, right-clickcontrol-click on the inclination and select . You'll just make use of the "Reset" choice for individual set tastes, that are placed in bold kind. If you added the choice entry your self utilizing about:config, it'll not any longer be listed after restarting Firefox. (To reset all preferences, begin to see the article Reset Firefox choices to troubleshoot and fix problems).

You can use the Research: box towards the top of the about:config page to quickly discover certain tastes. For instance, if you enter snippet within the Research package, it will probably bring up the browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl choice. Note that inclination brands on their own tend to be case-sensitive but search phrases are not.

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