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Chrome export bookmarks folder

Google Chrome offers a Bookmark Manager.Google Chrome offers a Bookmark management.

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Bing Chrome includes a bookmark management tool that allows you to arrange your bookmarks, export them for back-up or import all of them from another computer. This allows you alter internet browsers or buy a computer system without worry you will have difficulties finding your chosen sites once again.

Insert a removable storage space product such as a USB flash drive to the old computer system, after which start Bing Chrome.

Click the wrench in the upper-right corner associated with the Google Chrome screen, then click "Bookmarks" and "Bookmark management." A unique internet browser loss starts, showing all of your saved bookmarks.

Click on the "Organize" button inside upper-left place of this browser tab, and then click "Export Bookmarks." A fresh window using the title "Save As" seems.

Navigate in the "protect As" window to your detachable storage device, then click the "conserve" key. Google Chrome instantly gives the file a name eg "bookmarks_8_29_11.html."

Transfer the detachable storage unit toward new computer system, and launch Google Chrome.

Click the wrench key, and then click "Bookmarks" and "Bookmark management."

Click on the "Organize" key, after which click "Import Bookmarks." A brand new window entitled "Open" appears.

Navigate in "start" window to your removable storage product, and double-click the Bing Chrome bookmarks file. A brand new folder labeled as "Imported" seems on left region of the Bookmark Manager tab.

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