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When auto-sync is on, your Google applications instantly refresh information, along with your device immediately gets notifications about updates.

Which applications sync

Automagically, your Google applications instantly sync along with your Google account. It is possible to decide to switch automated sync on or off for individual Bing apps. Various other apps may or may not sync.

Visit your Bing apps that will auto-sync

  1. Open up your device’s Settings app .
  2. Under "Personal", faucet Accounts Google. If you have multiple accounts on your device, additionally touch the account that you would like.
  3. See a list of your Bing applications so when they final synced.

Look at your other applications that'll maybe not sync

If a software doesn’t show inside device’s configurations app under Accounts Google, it'sn’t a Bing application and can’t auto-sync along with your Google account.

For any other apps, look-in each app’s options menu for a choice to check in or sync.

Switch off auto-sync

It is possible to turn off auto-sync just for specific Bing apps, or for your entire Google account.

Switching off auto-sync will save your self battery life. To resume automated syncing after your battery recharges, turn auto-sync right back on.

Turn off auto-sync for many Bing apps

  1. Turn fully off applications you don’t need auto-sync.

Note: switching down auto-sync for a software does not take away the software. It just stops the app from immediately refreshing your computer data.

Manually sync your bank account

Handbook sync refreshes your bank account data for all your Google applications, including any applications with auto-sync deterred.

  1. Touch More Sync today.

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